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Tired of painful break-ups?
Here is how you can find lasting love

If you are a single who longs for a deep heart-connection,
and a conscious partnership in body, mind and spirit, you are in the right place.
If your hopes for a relationship have been met with disappointments
or painful breakups, and you want to create a real breakthrough
 in your search for love, so you too can have a delicious dating experience
that does not turn sour and attract an intimacy that lasts:

  Find out how you too can have 
the life that you love and the love of your life.
Book your Free Dating Success Consultation today

Afraid of difficult conversations? 
Find out how 
to deeply connect 
even when things are not so easy


If your relationship has lost its spark because 
there are things that are hard to say to each other;
  If you are afraid to start talking for real, 
because it is so
uncomfortable and it may end up making things worse;

 The Relationship Lift  makes those difficult conversations 
less hard and more effective, as you reconnect with your love
and get on the same page easily and quickly.

The Relationship Lift enables you to work with your relationship challenges
and end up more deeply in love then you have ever been

Awaken to a higher spiritual quality of life 

When “should"s and expectations vaporize into disenchantment,
 when you cannot keep it all together like before – when your life
“looks good” but you do not “feel good”. When you wake up in the morning
with a profound knowing that something needs to change, you are in
 what I call a "spiritual crisis" which can affect your entire life and all your
relationships. Explore your awakening process and discover your authentic voice: give yourself the gift of an
Inner Freedom Consultation.

Conscious Dating & Relationship Coach - Christina de Jongh:
guiding you to tap into your innate relational wisdom,
create a deep authentic connection with yourself and others and,
whether you are already in a relationship or not,
experience amazing love and intimacy.

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