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How to have a Delicious Dating experience,
prevent it from turning sour and
end up having the Relationship of your Dreams

Dating challenges? 

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Don't you just hate it:

You are looking for a truly loving intimate relationship and find lots of attractive potential mates on the internet.

You go for coffee with some of them, and sometimes it even seems you have found “the one”: you feel wildly attracted. You have the passionate connection you look for.
Before you know it, the sex if fantastic, you start dreaming of a future together. And then...boom.

Reality hits.
Your dreams are shattered:

Your knight in shining armor or your princess bride is actually a rage-aholic or commitment phobic.

Your date lies about other relationships, does not meet your emotional needs or suddenly stops calling you without an explanation.
If this sounds like you, or you know of someone who runs into brief hot-and- heavy romances without ending up in a fulfilling long-term intimacy,  I have a gift for you that will help you create a real breakthrough in your love life: a free dating success consultation.

Making an appointment, is really easy. You can schedule it yourself online. 

Before we talk I will email you some free information about successful dating plus a questionnaire to help you get the most of your free dating success consultation.

What you can expect from your
 free dating success consultation and
 your free information about successful dating:

  - Clarity about what is keeping you from attracting the partner you are looking for;
 - Information on how to read the signs early on whether someone is not a good match;
- Discover what it looks like to be a successful single;
- Find out what you can do to turn your dates into a delicious experience and a happy and successful exploration that will lead you to being with the one you love;

- How you too can learn how to make conscious relationship choices that will help you find and keep the relationship you want.

Book your free dating success consultation today and
 enjoy the Delicious Dating Experience that does not turn sour!

Delicious Dating

Conscious Dating Coaching will help you
have the life that you love and the love of your life!

If you are looking for your someone to share your life with;

If you want to get it "right" this time and create a relationship that lasts;

If personal growth and development are important to you;

If you are looking to create a meaningful connection with someone on all levels, spiritual, emotional, sexual and intellectual:

The inner work we will do together will increase your self-awareness, and help you to remove any perceived limitations or self-sabotage, so that you can significantly improve all relationships in your life.

You will engage your dating with more clarity, confidence and pleasure.

Not only will you be more capable to discern who is potentially a good match for you, early on, while you get to know someone, you will also learn how to avoid the mistakes that lead to painful breakups and surprising disappointments.  

And you will learn many relationship tools and skills, so that you will be better prepared for building an intimacy that can last.

Find out more and schedule your free Dating Success Consultation today!

When Mary fell in love with Bill, he was witty, attractive, funny and told her at their first date that she was a perfect match for him. She believed and trusted him. He also told her that he would like his sweetheart to live nearby, so within a few weeks she decided to look into renting an apartment closer to where he lived. Instead of embracing this news with enthusiasm, he stepped on the brakes and it turned out he did not want to commit to her.

What went wrong? If Mary would have been a conscious dater, she would have noticed at the first date that Bill could not have known whether she was his perfect match. If Bill would have been a conscious dater, he would have been more honest with her and told her that he needed time before making a commitment to her. They would have taken more time to find out whether they were really compatible with each other and able to build a true intimacy together. And they may have come to the conclusion at an earlier point in time that they were not really each other’s dream partner.

A Conscious Dater knows what her or she wants, finds out whether the person he or she meets their real wants and needs. A Conscious Dater welcomes the feelings of chemistry and then balances the heart with the head, by finding out more about the other person, so that this delicious experience does not need to turn sour.

If you want to be a Conscious Dater and
 meet the partner of your dreams once and for all

the Self Discovery and Relationship Readiness Intensive is for you!

The Self Discovery and Readiness Intensive covers most elements that come into play on the journey to finding a life partner, during four months of weekly coaching sessions, either individual or in a group, and an inspiring journaliing, visioning and inner work process.

Sign up for a free Dating Success Consultation to find out how you can attract the love of your life.

You can also join the Delicious Dating SF/Bay Area Meetup to meet like-minded singles at delightful connection events in the SF/Bay Area region.


How you date when you apply
 the Ten Principles of Conscious Dating:

1. You know who you are and what you want. Being at peace with who you are and living your life authentically will make it much easier for your soul mate to recognize you. 

2. You know how to attract what you want.
Be the love and joy you are looking for, and it will come onto your path.

3. You are the chooser. You do not need to go with the first one who comes along. You can make conscious choices based on what you know to be your deal breakers.

4. You balance your heart with your head. Ride the waves of chemistry and compelling attaction with insight and awareness. 

5. You are ready and available for commitment. Make space in your life for someone else to come in, clear the emotional clutter from the past, and release your own fears of commitment.

6. Use the Law of Attraction. The Universe responds to your prayers, so look at what shows up, as a reflection of the energy you are putting out.

7. Gain relationship knowledge and skills.
It takes real skills to grow in a deep stable intimacy. Find a mentor and learn how to be the best partner, friend and lover you can be.

8. Create a support community.
It is enjoyable to spend your time with friends who can introduce you to friends and share your journey.

9. Practice assertiveness. Real intimacy cannot exist without speaking your truth and standing up for yourself. 

10. Be a successful single. Be the happy partner you'd like to meet.

You too can be a Conscious Dater. Find out how and sign up for a free
Dating Success Consultation.

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